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22 September 2021

How to Choose a Reputable Dentist in the West Midlands

Choosing a dental practice in the West Midlands can be tricky. With hundreds of dental practices in the area, all with different strengths and services, you may feel like you don’t know where to start. So we’ve put together this guide to help you choose a practice in the West Midlands area, with the factors you should consider when making your selection.

Check out photographs of the practice

Today, it’s no longer enough to provide exceptional dental care (though this is obviously a must). Patients want to feel comfortable with their surroundings in a clinical environment with a welcoming ambience and setting.

Stourbridge Dental & Implant Clinic has been transformed with a complete refurbishment so that patients feel calm and safe. The devil is in the detail, which is why we’ve carefully thought through the art, lighting and flowers in the waiting room – it’s these things that make for a homely atmosphere.

When choosing a dental practice in the Worcester area, be sure to browse the practice’s social media pages and website for photographs and videos to learn as much as possible before you make a decision.

State-of-the-art technology

The world of dentistry is constantly evolving, and any good dental practice should be keeping up. So take a look to see whether a dental practice in the Hagley, Pedmore or Stourbridge areas have the best equipment at their disposal, as this can make a massive difference to your patient experience.

Here in Stourbridge, we offer the best and most up-to-date technology to provide a more streamlined and comfortable experience overall. 

Free treatment consultations

Free treatment consultations can be a great way to get a feel for a dental practice and the level of service you can expect. Here at our Brierley Hill dental practice, we’re able to offer patients complementary treatment consultations via Zoom with our highly-trained and friendly Patient Care Coordinator Laura.

We design our consultations to help you find out more about the patient journey and treatment — without any financial commitments. Laura will be able to give you an approximate treatment cost, so you can make the final decision whether to go ahead with dental or orthodontic treatment here in Stourbridge.

Patient testimonials

Testimonials can tell you a lot about dental practices and are most definitely worth a read before you make your choice. It’s always a good sign when a dental practice in the West Midlands has multiple positive patient testimonials. Also, you should take a look at Google reviews if these are available to view.

Meet the team

Different dentists and hygienists have a variety of training. Taking a look at a dental practice’s meet the team page or ringing to inquire about the clinicians who work there can help you get an idea of how qualified they are. This is particularly useful for nervous patients who need extra reassurance to help them feel they’re in the best of hands.

At our Kidderminster dental practice, we have an award-winning team who are continually expanding on their already advanced knowledge of dentistry, orthodontics and facial aesthetics. They regularly partake in additional training and complete qualifications to add to their arsenal of skills and expertise, to stay up-to-date with the latest practices and methods. Stourbridge Dental & Implant Clinic are committed to excellence and believe patients deserve the very best level of treatment.

Nervous patients and sedation

Whether you’re a dental-phobic person or not, taking a look at dental practices that treat nervous patients can give you a good idea of how they approach the patient’s journey overall. Here at our West Midlands dental practice, we believe in a non-judgemental, personal and empathetic approach for all patients, and if you’re feeling nervous, we will go the extra mile to help you feel at ease. Each team member is a good listener and will take the time to work out how they can help you feel relaxed and safe.

We offer IV (intravenous) sedation here in Stourbridge, a game-changing method of helping nervous patients combat their nerves and even develop a positive association with visiting the dentist. Many patients who have sedation often no longer need it to aid them with getting future treatment and procedures. IV sedation has a calming and relaxing effect. Unlike general anaesthesia, you will be awake at all times and able to communicate with the dentist, should they need you to open your mouth more widely.

We are pleased to be a dental practice offering IV sedation in the Bromsgrove area, and it’s always fantastic to see patients overcome their fear and negative associations with the dentist after they have experienced IV sedation. Click here to watch our Patient Care Coordinator Laura talk about how we help nervous patients before they come in for treatment here in Stourbridge.

A bespoke approach

Dental practices that adopt a tailored approach to the specific needs of their patients are those to add to your shortlist. Outstanding dentistry starts with personalised care that gets to the heart of how patients feel about their smile and what we can do to improve their oral and dental health and aesthetic. If you’re looking for a dental practice that fits this bill in the Hagley area, look no further than Stourbridge Dental & Implant Clinic, where everything we do is bespoke.

If you would like to book a FREE video consultation with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly reception team here in the West Midlands.

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