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Over-dentures are fitted over your existing roots and attached/supported by multiple dental implants which are placed into your jawbone. The experienced dentists at Stourbridge Dental & Implant Clinicwill fully assess your needs and advise you on the most suitable treatment for your circumstances.

Combining over-dentures with dental implants can be the perfect solution to a number of dental problems:

    • If you have lost most or all of your teeth
    • If you suffer from extensive bone loss in your jaw
    • Or you struggle to eat and speak effectively due to ill fitting dentures

The benefits that over-dentures can bring to your smile and emotional well being are significant, but the improvement is not only cosmetic.

They are suitable for patients wishing to have the advantages of dental implants without the need for a bone graft. In fact, over-dentures actually prevent further bone loss in the jaw as dental implants provide support to the surrounding bone structure. This provides a secure denture which will not affect your ability to eat and speak properly.

The treatment for over-dentures can be completed in as little as 3 to 4 months but this will vary from patient to patient. A more accurate assessment of the treatment time will be made during your initial consultation along with a decision on which type of implant configuration will be most effective for your needs and lifestyle.

We are often told by our clients that the dental implants we have provided have improved their quality of life. Watch Kishore’s story.

After your free treatment consultation to discuss which over-denture treatment is most suitable for you the procedure will involve the following stages.

Diagnostic stage:

In order to produce a replica of your jaw and create a plan for the procedure X-rays and impressions will be taken. If required you will have a CT scan to enable the dentist to create a 3D computer model of your jaw. This will establish if there is enough bone to have the implants and also map out the location of your sinuses and nerves so they can be avoided during the treatment.

Temporary dentures will be supplied for you to wear during the initial stages of the treatment.

Adjustment stage:

If you require any other treatment before the implants are inserted it will be completed at this stage, it could include:

  • Extraction of any severely damaged or decayed teeth
  • Scale and polish of remaining teeth
  • Replacement of failing fillings or restorations
  • Gum treatment
  • Removal of decay from teeth which are to be kept

Implant placement:

Intravenous or local anaesthetic can be used during the placement of the dental implants into your jawbone. This will all be pre-arranged at your initial consultation. After they have been placed they will need time to heal and allow the bone to attach to the implant. Typically this can take 3 months and during this time you will be able to wear the temporary dentures so that your day to day life is not dramatically affected.

Final fit:

Once 3 months has elapsed we will start to restore the implants. In order to create a connection between the over-dentures and the implants a healing collar is placed onto the implants under local anaesthetic.

Your newly created custom dentures will then be fitted and the temporary dentures can be removed and disposed of.

Finally our dentist will give you all the information you need to ensure that your over-dentures stay clean and comfortable for years to come.

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