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A surgical procedure used to make space for dental implants

Sometimes called sinus augmentation, a sinus lift treatment involves adding bone to the space between your sinuses and upper jawbone to enable implants to be fitted successfully.

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What is involved with a sinus lift?

A sinus lift is a surgical procedure, performed with extreme care by our highly trained dentists. We carry out a full consultation to ensure you are suitable for treatment, and discuss the other options available if applicable.

During the procedure, the maxillary sinus membrane is moved upwards, and a bone graft or artificial alternative added for the implant to bond with once it has been placed. The bone used is often taken from another area of the mouth, which can be quite invasive. We use various pain control methods to make you as comfortable as possible during treatment.

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When is a sinus lift needed?

  • If there is not enough space to insert an implant above the molar or premolar of the patient due to the natural bone structure of their face.
  • Over a period of time tooth loss can cause the absorption of bone back into the body, reducing the space available for implants.
  • Some diseases can result in bone loss from the face meaning a sinus lift is needed.
  • Sinuses increase in size with age so there is less space available for implants and a lift may be required.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any risks with sinus lift treatment?

    We employ the highest degree of care and regard for safety during treatment, but there are some potential risks. In the unlikely event that the sinus membrane is punctured during the procedure, treatment may require additional work to be completed or be stopped altogether. Also, infection of the gums and sinuses is a possibility, but this is very uncommon. Following treatment, we monitor you closely and give personalised tips and advice.

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