Sinus Lifts

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Sinus lifts are used to make space for dental implants in your upper jaw. Sometimes called a ‘sinus augmentation’ the treatment involves adding bone to the space between your maxillary sinuses (which are located on either side of your nose) and jawbone.

The sinus will be lifted, and a bone graft or artificial alternative will be filled in for the dental implant to merge with. During the healing process the dental implant will bond with the new bone to create a secure base for your replacement teeth.

It is a surgical procedure carried out with extreme care by our trained dentists.

The procedure is primarily used under the following circumstances:

  • If there is not enough space to insert an implant above the molar or premolar of the patient due to the natural bone structure of their face
  • Over a period of time tooth loss can cause the absorption of bone back into the body reducing the space available for implants
  • Some diseases can result in bone loss from the face meaning a sinus lift is needed
  • Sinuses increase in size with age so there is less space available for implants and a lift may be required.

The bone used for the sinus lift treatment is often taken from another area of the mouth, or from an external source, such as artificial bone. The process required to due this is quite invasive and so various pain control methods can be employed to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

Although the treatment is carried out with the highest degree of care and regard for safety there are some potential risks involved:

  • In the unlikely event that the sinus membrane is punctured during the procedure treatment may require additional work to be completed or be stopped all together.
  • Infection of the gums and sinuses is a possibility. However, this is very uncommon and the patient is monitored closely after the treatment to ensure there are no signs of infection.

A full consultation will take place with one of our experienced dentists before a sinus lift treatment is recommended for you. Not everyone is suitable for this kind of treatment and if that is the case we will discuss all the other options available to you.

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