Bone Grafting

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In order to have dental implants inserted into the jaw there needs to be a sufficient quantity of healthy bone to provide adequate stability. If the bone is of poor quality a graft can be used in order to improve the area in preparation for an implant to be used.

There are numerous factors which can lead to advanced bone loss in the jaw:

    • Traumatic extraction or tooth loss
    • Prolonged wear from ill fitting dentures
    • It can occur naturally as you get older
    • Periodontal gum disease
    • Missing teeth

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The team at Stourbridge Dental & Implant Clinic can use a combination of x-rays and CT scans to assess the quantity and quality of healthy bone present in your jaw and advise you on the best course of treatment for your needs. If the results indicate a lack of healthy bone in the required area then a further appointment will be organised to begin the grafting procedure.

The treatment is carried out under IV sedation to ensure your comfort. The required bone block is harvested from a donor site in the mouth and then securely fixed at the site of the graft. The operated areas will then be closed over and allowed to heal.

Due the nature of the procedure you will feel some slight discomfort from the donor site and grafted area. This is completely normal and you will be able to take painkillers to alleviate the soreness.

A bone graft can help you achieve the perfect smile when combined with our other restorative dental treatments, every case is different and if you would like to discuss in detail the options available to you or if you have any questions regarding your current dental health then do not hesitate to book a free consultation today.

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