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Metal based dentures utilise a full metal casting to support the replacement teeth of the denture instead of a plastic one. There are two distinct type of metal denture which we offer at Stourbridge Dental & Implant Clinic.


    • These metal dentures are designed so that a portion of the denture is in direct and constant contact with gums and soft tissue of your mouth. They are constructed from a medically compatible metal alloy which is completely non-allergenic.


    • With this type of denture a thin layer of plastic is attached to the metal casting, this ensures that no metal comes into contact with the gums and soft tissue of the mouth. Both soft and hard plastics can be added to denture, soft plastic is the preferred option, but needs to be replaced annually.

Metal dentures are normally used for their superior strength over the plastic alternative. Sometimes a patient will require a narrow denture to be made, these are typically very weak and prone to breaking when plastic is used. Metal dentures provide the required structure and strength to make a comfortable and stable narrow denture.

With excessive tooth loss from the lower jaw there can be a significant decrease in weight which is an unusual sensation for the patient, leading to abnormal bite and other complications. Using metal for a lower jaw denture adds weight and makes the jaw more stable and comfortable.

Some of the advantages of metal dentures are:

    • They offer a precise fit with a strong hold
    • Very comfortable
    • More durable than plastic alternatives
    • If cared for properly they are very hygienic
    • The clasps on the denture can be tightened easily
    • They provide more grip and are more stable than alternatives

Of course metal dentures are not right for every patient and other treatments may be more suitable for you.

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