Complete Dentures

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In cases where there has been severe and total loss of teeth, or all of a patient’s teeth have been extracted, a complete denture can be used to replace them. As dentures sit on top of the gums and are not permanently attached they cannot replicate the feel and usability of having natural teeth.

Losing all of your teeth or having them removed causes a number of changes to occur in your jaw, bone and gums which will continue for the rest of your life. Understanding how your denture works will enable you to get the best fit and significantly reduce any discomfort that can be caused by ill-fitting dentures.

Points to consider for complete dentures:

  • Complete dentures rely on the gum ridges that are left in your mouth in order to stay in place. When teeth are extracted your jaw will begin to shrink, a process called resorption. This process varies from person to person but will continue throughout your life.
  • Dentures for your upper jaw tend to fit better as the have more space available on the jaw itself. This can make them more stable and reliable than dentures on the lower jaw.
  • Lower dentures require more effort to fit properly. The lower jaw is naturally smaller than the upper and bone shrinkage occurs much quicker. As a result there is less space on the gum ridges where the denture is supposed to rest. Also having the tongue present and constantly moving can prevent the denture from staying securely in position. If a denture is lose and moving around regularly it will begin to lose its shape and not fit in the mouth properly.
  • Depending on the ongoing changes in your mouth it may be necessary to change your denture. If it becomes lose and uncomfortable then contact us to arrange a check-up. We would recommend making an annual appointment to check the denture is still fitting properly and have a full dental assessment.
Complete upper denture
Complete upper denture
Complete lower denture
Complete lower denture

Complete dentures help combat the problems associated with total tooth loss.

  • You will be able to bite and chew food effectively.
  • Speech quickly becomes distorted when you lose all of your teeth. Complete dentures will allow you to speak normally again.
  • Perhaps the most important reason for using complete dentures is to regain your smile. No one would be comfortable with leading a normal life without any teeth. Complete dentures allow you to feel confident enough to show your smile!

Whilst dentures do provide an effective solution to tooth loss they can leave you susceptible to the ongoing problems associated with jawbone shrinkage. Using dental implants which are fixed into the bone allows the structure of the jaw to recover. Over-dentures can be securely attached giving you a much more stable and reliable replacement for your natural teeth.

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