Root Canal Treatment

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If you have cavities in your teeth which are left untreated it can allow bacteria to infect the pulp and root of the tooth, this can become particularly painfully as the infection reaches the nerve.

Root canal is used in order to save an infected tooth which would otherwise be extracted. Extraction of teeth is considered a last resort and it is important to retain as many of your natural teeth as possible. Despite the advances in modern dentistry no replacement will be as effective as a natural tooth.

The procedure involves removing any of the infected pulp or bacteria from the root. The whole tooth is then filled in using a solid material to prevent any further infection, if necessary a crown can be placed onto the tooth. Patients are often concerned about the tooth taking on a darker appearance after the treatment, but using tooth coloured fillings means a natural look is maintained.

The treatment area will be numbed ready for the procedure, however because the nerve of the tooth is being treated there may be some slight discomfort. Our dentists will go at a slow pace, ensuring you are comfortable and that the procedure is as pain free as possible.

Here at Stourbridge Dental & Implant Clinic we can also offer IV sedation which is very popular with nervous patients. It makes the whole treatment hazy and unmemorable whilst still enabling us to communicate with you.

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