Tooth coloured/White composite fillings

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White tooth fillings are used in the same way as traditional silver amalgam fillings, they replace tooth structure which is damaged by decay. White fillings can be used on any teeth in the mouth and provide a tooth coloured alternative which blends in seamlessly with your natural teeth.

For patients who are concerned about the potential mercury risks associated with silver amalgam or the aesthetics of metal based fillings then white tooth fillings can simply be used to replace old fillings. An example of this can be seen below.


The advantages of white fillings over silver amalgam are not just limited to aesthetics, the filling actually adheres to the tooth providing better protection against further decay and maintaining the structure of the tooth.

Using the very latest in composite materials our experienced dentists can ensure you have natural looking teeth with tooth coloured fillings lasting for many years.

Whilst white tooth fillings can be placed in any size of cavity, larger cavities may require a ceramic inlay. These details can be discussed during you free consultation, where we examine your current dental health and recommend the treatment most suitable for you.

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