Inman Aligner

If you would like to talk with one or our experienced dentists about the possibility of using an Inman aligner to achieve your dream smile then call our friendly team and arrange a free consultation.

If you don’t like the idea of having to wear a brace for months and months then the Inman aligner could be the best treatment option for you. Typically your front teeth can be straightened in 6 to 16 weeks using a removable aligner that is fast and effective.

The Inman treatment can help you if you have protruding or mild to moderate crowding of the front teeth in your upper or lower arch. The aligner applies pressure to your front teeth which gently pulls and pushes your teeth into the correct alignment. During the free consultation with our dentist you will be given an indication of how long the treatment will take. Simple cases can be treated in as little as 1 month, with more complex cases taking 4 months.

The Inman aligner treatment is less expensive and produces great results in a shorter period of time when compared to traditional orthodontic appliances.

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