Six Month Smiles

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As the name suggests Six Month Smiles utilises new technology to effectively and gently straighten your teeth using clear ceramic braces with an average treatment time of six months!

This is a cosmetic brace product which only focuses on straightening the teeth which show when you smile. 6 month smiles do not make any changes to your bite which is why the treatment time is much shorter than other dental braces.

One of the most appealing features of the Six Month Smiles system is the special tooth coloured ceramic brackets and wires which blend in with your natural tooth colour. People will barely notice you are having dental treatment as the brace is so discrete.

Just some of the patients we have treated with Six Month Smiles

A common concern among patients is that accelerated treatments such as Six Month Smiles achieve fast results by tightening the braces excessively. This is not the case and this new technology focuses entirely on the cosmetic appearance of your smile and does not attempt to adjust your bite, hence the reduction in treatment time when compared to conventional braces.

As with any orthodontic procedure you will need to wear retainers after the braces have been removed. This is to ensure your teeth do not slowly return to their original position and prevent you from having the dream smile you deserve.

Here at Stourbridge dental we offer removable and bonded retainers. A bonded retainer; is fixed to the back of your teeth and is the preferred option as you do not need to remove the retainer to eat or drink (which is when they are most likely to break or get lost) and there is less chance of orthodontic relapse.


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