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11 September 2015

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles

Dentists and orthodontists agree that the best way to straighten and improve the appearance of crooked teeth is through the tried and tested method of dental braces. However, there is a modern innovative approach that is fast becoming popular for treating cosmetic consequences of the majority of teeth misalignments.

This new approach to remedial dentistry takes into account that a shorter term solution could be much more beneficial to patients, and generally more cost-effective as well. As its name implies, the “Six Month Smiles” system accomplishes similar cosmetic objectives as wearing braces for a period of two or three years, and allows the wearer to resume a completely normal lifestyle much more quickly. The following video has plenty of information on the treatment :



Advantages of Six Month Smiles

The first obvious advantage of the Six Month Smiles approach is that it typically involves treatment of only 6 to 9 months. Since low forces are exerted on the teeth and gums, and the overall orthodontic treatment is far less than with traditional braces, the patient’s comfort, safety and oral hygiene can return to normal in a shorter time frame.

In addition the Six Month Smiles treatment is typically less expensive than traditional braces, since fewer visits to the dentist are required, and fewer changes are needed over the duration of the treatment.

How the treatment works

The wires, O-rings, brackets and the adhesive needed to attach braces to the teeth are all included in a single patient tray kit provided by Six Month Smiles. During the appointment where braces are actually installed, all these pieces are fitted and conformed to the patient’s mouth for optimum comfort and most effective teeth movement.

Patient’s best suited for Six Month Smiles

While the Six Month Smiles program may not be suitable for all dental patients with misaligned teeth, there are many people who can be successfully treated, and whose smile can be greatly improved. The most likely candidates for such treatment are those patients who do not want or require any changes to their bite, and only wish for the appearance of the front teeth to be improved.

If you want to find out if Six Month Smiles is suitable for you, call us today for a free appointment on 01384 378361

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