WOW facial™

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The WOW facial™ is the ultimate WOW factor transformation treatment. Treatment is a 6 stage process of advanced skin care technologies carefully designed to work in harmony with each layer of the skin, achieving luminosity and healthy looking skin. 

Stage 1. Cleanse & Resurface

Gentle resurfacing opens the micro-channels in the skin to deliver vital rejuvenation acids to the living cells beneath without compromising the top layers of the skin meaning no peeling or flaking.

Stage 2. Dermaplaning

Lightly removing the peach fuzz and dead skin cells to reveal the youthful glowing skin beneath and improve the penetration of the hyaluronic and succinic WOW fusion serum.


Stage 3. WOW Fusion

Using a combination of hyaluronic acid, multivitamins, minerals, amino acids and peptides. These are superficially injected into the skin using 20 tiny 0.6mm needles that are as fine as a human hair to stimulate collagen and elastin and hydrate, brighten and improve the texture and tone of the skin.

Stage 4. WOW Light

This is probably the most posted stage of the WOW facial™ on Instagram. The WOW LED mask has professional strength blue, red and green LED colours to stimulate collagen and elastin alongside purging the skin of toxins and bacteria.  This can improve acne prone skin and reduce sun damage and pigmentation. 

Stage 5. WOW Mask

With super strength hyaluronic acid, collagen, argireline and RMCP complex, the WOW mask is a cult beauty classic and the inspiration behind the WOW facial. It is famous for reducing dynamic wrinkles and lines and surcharging the skin with hydration.

Stage 6. WOW Spray

A final application of finishing solution to smooth and protect the skin.  Hydrating eye serum and the WOW factor SPF50 is included as standard.

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