In-chair Whitening

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In-chair whitening refers to a treatment which is performed whilst you are at the dentist. Here at Stourbridge Dental we use the Zoom teeth whitening equipment to provide you with exceptional results in just one visit.

The Zoom treatment process involves:

A quick polish of your teeth will remove any plaque that may be present. Then a protective barrier will be securely fitted onto your gums. The whitening gel will be placed onto your teeth by our dentist who will then use the Zoom equipment to whiten your teeth for 30 to 60 minutes. Once this has been completed you will be given a fluoride rinse to help with any sensitivity you may have experienced.

Zoom whitening has several advantages over home whitening kits; it provides strong fast results with minimal discomfort and no need for dental trays to be fitted. It is carried out under the direct supervision of an experienced dental team who can answer any queries you may have about the treatment.

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