E-max Veneers

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E-max veneers are an advanced form of pressed porcelain veneer. They are manufactured by forcing liquid porcelain into a mould (based on your teeth) under high pressure. This fabrication method creates a very strong and durable veneer which is ultra thin and alleviates the need for extensive reshaping of your teeth before placing the veneers.

With little need to re-shape your existing teeth E-max veneers can be fitted much quicker than conventional veneers.

Before any veneer procedure our experienced dentists will discuss the requirements for your individual situation and ensure that E-max veneers are the right product for you and your teeth.

After the initial consultation E-max veneers will typically take two visits to be fitted.

Treatment Process:

On your first visit we will take an impression of your teeth and match the colour of your surrounding teeth on a shade guide. Your impression will be sent away with any other relevant information to the laboratory and your E-max veneers will be manufactured, stained and glazed to produce the final, natural looking, results.

Your second visit will start with our dentist temporarily placing your E-max veneers on your teeth to ensure you are happy with the look and fit. If you are happy with the results the veneers will be bonded to your teeth using a special adhesive. As E-max veneers require little to no tooth preparation the bond between the adhesive and the surface enamel of the tooth is considerably stronger than conventional veneers. Our dentist will spend time ensuring your veneers are properly adjusted and evaluate your bite. At this point the precise contours and outline of your E-max veneers can be trimmed or reshaped until you are perfectly happy with your new smile.

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